Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, in partnership with Weston Products, recently unveiled Butcher Shop, a special section providing deer hunters with a variety of quality information about America’s most popular big game animal, the white-tailed deer.

As home processing continues to gain popularity, Deer & Deer Hunting editors saw an increase in reader inquiries regarding venison processing. Those inquiries inspired a brainstorming session, and Butcher Shop was born. In each installment of Butcher Shop, readers will find helpful tips on venison preparation at the skinning shed, which knives or tools best help prepare the meat for storage and cooking, and insights on grinding and freezing your venison.

Celebrating a successful hunt with great dishes is one of the great joys of the experience. Butcher Shop breaks down the steps, from butchering and preparation to storage and cooking, to arrive at that celebration. Butcher Shop will help with creating the best jerky or slow-cooked roasts, vacuum sealing meat for freshness, and flavorful, easy recipes that readers will love. Seasoned hunters and those just getting started will all find new ideas for venison in Butcher Shop.

Don’t miss out on any installments of Butcher Shop. Check out for subscription information.

Logo courtesy Deer & Deer Hunting

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