Seasoned firearms writer and expert Massad Ayoob is at the helm of Gun Safety in the Home, a Gun Digest Books publication that emphasizes the importance of educating both parents and children about safe handling and secure storage methods for firearms.

Gun Safety in the Home is a must-read for all parents, whether they own a gun or not. Ayoob’s book provides parents with essential information to effectively educate their children about the function and safety of firearms. He covers storage methods, safe handling techniques and advice on instilling an informed and responsible attitude toward firearms, providing readers the language they need to start the conversation on gun safety.

Also included in the book is “Safety and Gun Accidents: What Went Wrong?” a special section in which Ayoob draws upon decades of experience in shooting-related legal cases to examine 18 recent incidents and reveal the important lessons learned. By book’s end, parents will have a script for imparting the essential knowledge they need to teach children the proper response in situations in which a firearm is present.

Replace a child’s natural curiosity with a basic understanding and respect for firearms by picking up Massad Ayoob’s Gun Safety in the Home today. Gun Safety in the Home can be purchased online at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in most major bookstores.

Image courtesy Gun Digest

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