To support the Hunter Ed Course mission of giving back to the sport with a low cost offering for hunters to get their hunter safety training ($13 – almost half the price), Hunter Ed Course has launched a new expanded website at based on the information hunters said they wanted to know to easily get started in the sport.

The new site is expanded to include:

  • How it Works: Simple Steps to earn Hunter Education certification.
  • State Pages: Unique individual State pages for the states where Hunter Ed Course is approved, allowing a new hunter to easily find information on how to acquire online hunter education in their state of residence.
  • Instructor Page: Unique Instructor training information
  • Study Guide: Free study guide download
  • Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ’s to common questions about getting started and completing your hunter education training.
  • Testimonials: See how users enjoyed the course.
  • Blog: Featuring stories about the latest in hunter safety and tips for hunting.

New Website Based on Hunter Research

The site was developed after extensive interviews with online hunter education students during this last hunting season. They told us what information they needed to enroll in online hunter safety training and what information they wanted to commit to the sport.

Providing hunter education students with specific state pages containing information tailored for that state was the number one request of users. It eliminates the need to wade through a state agency site for the relevant information to get started. Hunter Ed Course is committed to producing an individual state page for every agency approving Hunter Ed Course.

Hunter Ed Course – The Better Option for New Hunters

Hunter Ed Course is the all-new offering in online hunter education providing states with:

  1. Low Cost: At $13 Hunter Ed Course is almost half the cost of the other options. This allows hunters to spend their savings on their first license.
  2. Customized for State Laws: As evident in the Virginia course, Hunter Ed Course is committed to meeting the state’s needs with custom chapters on specific state laws and regulations.
  3. Commitment to Producing Hunters: Hunter Ed Course allows immediate commitment from the student — once they pay they finish the course. This is a stark contrast to being surprised with a high price at the end of the course when the student is ready to print his or her certificate and may choose not to move forward with the sport.

Hunter Ed Course features actual photographs of learning materials rather than watercolor illustrations or cartoon characters as are found in the more expensive online courses.  As with the other course options, Hunter Ed Course also offers interactive exercises and high-quality content that stimulates new students while introducing them to the sport – at almost half the price.

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