On January 28, 2014, Conservation Minnesota, Wildlife Forever, and Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! (a national campaign coordinated by Wildlife Forever), signed a memorandum of understanding that will further strengthen the shared goal of protecting lakes and rivers from invasive species. Through this new partnership, Conservation Minnesota members will gain valuable access to tools and partnership resources to help stop the spread of invasives, and SAH! will gain a new, engaged audience.

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! (SAH!) is excited to have Conservation Minnesota as the February Partner in Action. As a leader in protecting Minnesota’s wilderness, Conservation Minnesota is dedicated to protecting Minnesota through community engagement and legislation. Conservation Minnesota takes a unique approach to engagement by asking Minnesotans what issues matter most to them and then turns these answers into action on behalf of citizens

One program of particular interest to SAH! is the Minnesota Waters program. Through this program, Conservation Minnesota assists over 500 lake and river associations in protecting their waters. The program offers water monitoring training programs, a statewide monthly newsletter and event calendar, website hosting, and guidance on effective grassroots action to its member groups. It also works with other organizations and state agencies to offer a biennial conference on water issues for Minnesota citizens.

“Lake and river associations are the critical connection to help educate boaters, anglers and local communities about AIS prevention. Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! helps provide the Clean, Drain, Dry consistent messaging with tools that we know can change behavior,” said Pat Conzemius, Conservation Director at Wildlife Forever.

SAH! is the internationally recognized public service campaign for the prevention of invasive species,” said Paul Austin, Executive Director at Conservation Minnesota. “We are excited to join the thousands of agencies, organizations, and groups have signed on to support these efforts to raise awareness through SAH!’s consistent marketing, messaging and outreach.”

Groups and clubs can sign up free at www.ProtectYourWaters.net and take part in America’s movement to help recreational users conserve our fish and wildlife resources by preventing the spread of invasive species.

Become a member of Conservation Minnesota and the Minnesota Waters Program to take advantage of all this partnership has to offer. More information is available: http://www.minnesotawaters.org/content/membership-renewal, and at http://www.conservationminnesota.org.

Image courtesy Wildlife Forever

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