Pads, parts, procedure, and pipe cleaners! AR-15 podcast brings you part two of an instrumental part of any firearms owner’s repertoire, cleaning and maintenance. This week’s show features host Reed Snyder, auditioning host Anthony Hardy, and special guest Chris Ashley from Otis Technology to discuss the literal ins and outs of properly maintaining your rifle. Chris is a decorated competition shooter and Marine Corps veteran, offering his tips and tricks for ensuring that your rifle functions the way it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to.

The trio share experiences with essential cleaning areas, particularly in a hurry or in the field. Chris takes you through his procedure for total breakdown, and also speed cleaning when time doesn’t permit a full breakdown. What order to go in? What are the trouble spots?

But no discussion of procedure would be complete without mentioning the tools designed to make the job easier. What works, what doesn’t, common pitfalls and mistakes, and common inexpensive hacks to help in a pinch. They highlight Otis’s specialized B.O.N.E Tool, and MSR Kit, both specially designed to clean the hardest parts of the modern sporting rifle and AR platforms, while remaining accessible in the field but retaining functionality.

Chris answers some questions from Anthony for new shooters, or shooters new to the AR platform such as what is barrel coppering, and how not to ruin your barrel when removing copper from the barrel. As always, the hosts address some listener feedback, this time with a question about gas system changes on rebuilds, and some opinions on name brand manufacturers left off of the Champagne AR on a Beer Budget list. Anyone can listen to this episode at

The AR-15 Podcast is the show about your favorite black rifle. Whether you’re building your first

AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black

rifle to the next level. The episodes range from AR construction and reloading, to interviews

and accessories. The AR-15 Podcast is found on the Firearms Radio Network and releases every Wednesday at 4:00 am central time. Subscribe to the show via AR-15 Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or

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