Six Lobster Boats Wage War Beneath the Caribbean’s Tranquil Waters

Bahama Lobster Pirates chronicles life on the Atlantic Ocean aboard six lobster boats during the first 30 days of lobster season as they harvest spiny lobster – one tail at a time – with $100 million up for grabs at the end of the season. The show takes place in one of the most picturesque tropical settings on Earth, the beautiful Bahamas.  Follow the hard work it takes to preserve this highly-coveted commodity, and the compelling drama that unfolds during the long season of lobster hunting premiering Saturday, February 15 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

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Each commercial lobster boat harvests more than 100,000 lobsters per season. They build and deploy lobster habitats, or condos, along the sandy Bahama sea floor. The habitats provide a refuge for sea life to flourish. The Bahamian Ministry of Fisheries has created laws to promote sea life sustainability, which clearly states that once a lobster habitat hits the sea floor, it is the property of the Bahamas, and any Bahamian can pull lobster from beneath it.  And that means a rich bounty for one thing – lobster pirating.

With names like “Sea Gem,” “Waterspout” and “Atlantic Lady,” crews work hard building and deploying habitats – and pirate boats work just as hard finding the habitats to pillage. With millions of dollars of lobster up for grabs each season, the battle between those who build and deploy habitats, and the pirates who seek them out continues. Bahama Lobster Pirates crews battle extreme exhaustion, injuries, habitats pillaged by pirates, rivalries between boats and rivalries amongst crew members, lionfish stings, shark scares, mechanical breakdowns, lightning strikes, and hurricanes.

The first episode opens with Capt. Chuck of the “Sea Gem” heading to proven grounds, followed by his sons Thomas and Richard, aboard the “Waterspout.” The crew of the “New Wrinkle” takes a gamble and runs 100 miles south to try to beat the pirates to their traps. And Crazy Roy, aboard the “Atlantic Lady,” serenades the sea.

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