The American Handgunner Personal Defense Spring/Summer 2014 Special Edition features all the necessary items and techniques for readers to maintain personal safety — and the safety of their loved ones regardless of age. A special feature for seasoned seniors, “Retired and Extremely Dangerous,” looks at age-appropriate defensive options and equipment. Author Will Dabbs discusses how a little wisdom and experience can be combat multipliers in America’s urban jungles.

“The fight for your life can happen at anytime, and it’s important to take the steps to acquire new skills before it takes place. The Personal Defense Special Edition opens the door for readers to learn more on this subject and give them new ideas on how to better protect themselves,” shares Sammy Reese, FMG Special Editions editor. “I hope the information included in this Special Edition helps readers down a path where they’ll choose to make the safety of their loved ones and themselves a priority.”

The cover story for this Special Edition features the Mossberg 500 Persuader in 20-gauge. Jacob Herman emphasizes the importance of a personal defense gun each member of the family can utilize, and reveals though it’s a 20-gauge, this Mossberg 500 is a ideal fighting gun.

“The Persuader is the perfect combination of effective caliber, shorter stock and weight; all of these things play into having an effective tool. Having a single firearm anyone in the house can use is much more important than the cool factor of having the latest police toy,” explains Herman. “One of the biggest selling points of this shotgun for me is it actually has an extended magazine tube. It holds eight rounds instead of the normal three to five rounds most 20-gauges hold.”

This 2014 American Handgunner Special Edition also features a review of the Ruger Gunsite Scout, insight on how to use tactical defense pens, practical knife tactics for left-handed users and Richard Mann’s advice for personal defense options on a budget.

A personal defense package, valued at over $630, will appeal to readers of this Special Edition. Highlighted by the 9C1 Gen II from FMK Firearms, this giveaway package includes a FEROX Folding Knife, Maxpedition’s Kodiak Gear Slinger and Impact Sport earmuffs from Howard Leight. Readers can enter online, for free, at

The 2014 Buyer’s Guide rounds out this giant edition with a comprehensive 96-page catalog, featuring semi-autos, revolvers, long guns, knives, flashlights, and other defensive gear. To purchase the 2014 American Handgunner Personal Defense Special Edition, check the newsstands or order online at

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