Just in time for the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, Storm is releasing two new, rattling models in the Arashi line of crankbaits that Storm Pro Brandon Palaniuk made famous last year in a Bassmaster tournament. Palaniuk is looking forward to fishing with the new Arashi Rattling Square 3 and Rattling Square 5.

“We know that the silent version already catches fish,” he says. “So when guys want a little bit more sound, now we have that option.”

Based on the successful Silent Square 3 and 5 Arashis, the new Rattling Square models feature a multi-ball rattle system that imitates the sound of baitfish feeding in the shallows. The numbers in the name indicate the bait’s maximum diving depth. Like their silent brethren, both the Rattling Square 3 and 5 run with a lively rolling action and a pronounced tail kick.

“That’s why we wanted the rattling version, to be able to better adapt to whatever the current conditions are,” Palaniuk says. “You may want the same bait – because the action of it is phenomenal – but you just may want a little bit more of a presence of it. So the rattling allows you to do that, but still use the same colors and same action.”

Palaniuk will be armed with Arashis in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic Feb. 21-23 on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville. Water clarity will determine if Rattling Squares or Silent Squares get to be his go-to bait. Several days of rain prior to the tournament could muddy up the riverine reservoir, making Rattling Square 3’s and 5’s the perfect tools to help Palaniuk improve on his runner-up finish in last year’s Classic.

“Typically, dirtier-water situations are when you’re going to want a louder, rattling bait,” he explains. “Fish in clear water are a more sight feeders, but as you get into dirtier water, they have to use other senses because they can’t see as well. So they’ll use sound and the vibrations, which they detect with their lateral line.”

Featuring a sturdy, square, circuit-board lip and premium finishes, both Silent Square and Rattling Square Arashis are built to withstand repeated contact with cover.

“Anytime you’re throwing a crankbait, especially a shallow-water crankbait, you want to be deflecting that bait off of cover,” Palaniuk says. “So you need to have a bait that is able to handle that abuse. And that’s where the circuit-board lip comes in and the premium finishes come into play.”

Both the Rattling Square 3 and 5 feature a large head that extends to a thin sharp tail. That combination creates unadulterated buoyancy to back out of cover, practically eliminating hang-ups.

The Rattling Square 3 is 2-1/8 inches long, weighs 1/2 ounce and comes with two #4 Premium Black Nickel VMC hooks. The Rattling Square 5 is 2-3/8 inches long, weighs 5/8 ounce and comes with two #2 Premium Black Nickel VMC hooks. Both are equipped with an intricately built, patent-pending self-tuning line tie, which Palaniuk says makes the Arashi an unmatched force and a bass angler’s dream bait.

“The self-tuning line tie allows the bait to get back on track quicker after deflecting off of cover than a conventional shallow-diving crankbait,” he explains. “And you can turn this bait on a high-speed reel as fast as you can possibly move your hand on the reel, and it will run true all the time. It will never blow out, never kick out to the side.”

All Arashi crankbaits feature rotated hook hangers that accommodate larger hooks. “When you’re burning this bait and fish come up and slap at it, you’ve got a better chance of catching them if you’ve got bigger hooks on,” Palaniuk explains.

Both the Rattling Square 3 and 5 are available in 12 color patterns: Hot Blue Shad, Bluegill, Baby Bass, Crappie, Blue Back Herring, Wakasagi, Rusty Craw, Mossy Chartreuse Craw, Red Craw, Hot Chartreuse, Parrot and Black Silver Shad.

“Arashi” means “Storm” in Japanese. Storm is one of many respected names in the Rapala family of brands.

For more information on Storm Lures, please visit www.stormlures.com or www.facebook.com/stormluresUSA.

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