Spring is almost here and spring means planting season. Get your food plot ready with the ultimate food plot tree – the Dunstan chestnut from Chestnut Hill Outdoors.

Deer and other wildlife flock to chestnut trees for their sweet-tasting chestnuts, and the Dunstan chestnut, especially, produces large annual crops that will keep wildlife coming back for more. But not only does the Dunstan chestnut tree bear heavy annual crops, its resistant to disease, grows faster than oaks and provides superior nutrition, making it the perfect food plot tree.

Dunstan chestnuts are high in carbohydrates and provide high-quality protein, which deer, big bucks especially, will seek out. Other mast tree nuts – even acorns, which are similar to chestnuts but have bitter-tasting tannins – can’t beat the attracting power of chestnuts.

The trees are easy to grow too, and thrive in a variety of locations. Once planted, the trees will bear those delicious chestnuts within two to four years and produce heavy crops of chestnuts every year – no skipped years like other mast trees. When the trees begin to bear, the chestnuts will ripen in September and October and most fall free from the burrs for easy harvesting, which is perfect for fall hunting seasons.

Spring is the perfect time to plant Dunstan chestnut trees, and at Chestnut Hill Outdoors, a variety of sizes are offered – treeband to 30-gallon – and in bulk, as well. The trees require minimal maintenance to start and, with proper care, will start producing chestnuts in as little as two years.

Don’t wait to get your food plot ready – start now. Add some Dunstan chestnut trees to your food plot this spring and watch as the chestnuts lure in deer just like candy.

Image courtesy Realtree Nursery

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