Cotton Carrier’s Binocular Bracket provides hikers and outdoor enthusiasts a comfortable and secure way to carry binoculars. The Binocular Bracket is simple to use, eliminates strain on the neck and shoulders, and features the same patented technology Cotton Carrier uses to keep cameras safe and secure.

“If you’ve ever taken your binoculars out in the field, you know what a pain they can cause in your neck and shoulders,” said Brook Parker of Cotton Carrier Ltd. “And your binoculars often swing in and out as you walk or bend over. The Binocular Bracket will fix that!”

The Binocular Bracket is simple to use, Parker said. It features an L-shaped bracket that attaches to the binoculars on one end, with a Cotton Carrier hub that attaches to the other. It’s available with the StrapShot, or separately,

The hub slides in and is securely mounted into the locking system receptacle, and releases instantly when the binoculars are turned 90 degrees. The StrapShot holster can be attached to a backpack strap or worn on pants belt. The Binocular Bracket also works with other Cotton Carrier products, such as the Camera Vest and Carry-Lite.

MSRP is $79 for the Binocular Bracket with StrapShot; $39 for the Binocular Bracket alone.

For more information on the Binocular Bracket and other Cotton Carrier products, go to

See the Binocular Bracket and StrapShot in action:

Image and video courtesy Cotton Carrier

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