The warmer spring weather is on its way! Are you ready to catch more and bigger bass this spring? Now is the time to improve your angling skills and knowledge!  Come to The Bass University classes in Tulsa, OK on March 1st and 2nd to learn directly from the top pro anglers in bass fishing.  Classes feature high-tech presentations on the latest techniques that will help you catch more big bass from Mike Iaconelli, Ish Monroe, Mark Davis, Jeff Kriet, Cliff Crochet, and Pete Gluszek!

Saturday March 1st Speakers and Topics:

Ish Monroe:
#1.  The Art of Punchin’ & Flippin’
#2.  Power Fishing-Frogs-Squarebills-Spinnerbaits

Mark Davis:
#1.  Deep Crankbaits
#2.  Locating Bass Relating to Deep Structure

Pete Gluszek:
#1.  Ultra Shallow Tactics
#2.  Advanced Senko Techniques

Sunday March 2nd Speakers and Topics:

Mike Iaconelli:
#1.  Finesse Plastics for Tough Conditions
#2.  Locating and Catching Bass with Crankbaits

Cliff Crochet “Professor Cajun Baby”:
#1.  Fishing with Hollow and Buzz Frogs
#2.  How to Catch the Bass That Miss Your Lure

Jeff Kriet:
#1.  How to Get Deep Bass to Bite with Power Fishing Techniques
#2.  “Cleaning Up” An Area with Finesse Tactics

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