PowerBait and HAVOC Baits Launch

Berkley produces baits that catch more fish. At the 44th Bassmaster Classic, HAVOC and PowerBait will roll out new baits that were specifically designed for this prestigious event.

Since the inception, HAVOC has taken off with applause from anglers around the country. The next big thing from HAVOC is the 6-inch Boss Dog and 3-inch Pit Boss Jr. Gary Klein, who is entering his 30th Classic, designed the Boss Dog.

This Pit Boss Jr. is a take off its larger cousin, the Pit Boss, and was designed by 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion.

From PowerBait, anglers will see the PowerBait Fight’n Bug, PowerBait Rib Shad and PowerBait Slim Shad. All three baits are sure to be a hit with anglers looking to diversify their box.

The Fight’n Bug has a long body and oversized pincers that move violently through the water when retrieved and an exclusive PowerBait formula that fish bite and won’t let go.

PowerBait® Rib Shad is 4.5 inches of pure swimming action that is designed for shallow or deep applications. Ribs line the 4.5-inch bait from tip-to-tail that rocks through the water perfectly on a small 1/8-ounce jig head or a weighted-belly hook. Simply cast around vegetation or in and around heavy cover; vary the retrieve, and let the fish dictate how the Rib Shad is presented.

Another bait has arrived from famed PowerBait – The Slim Shad. The paddle tail and deep, thin body gives the six-inch Slim Shad a rolling action like no other. With a ribbed body, the Slim Shad has a swimming action that calls to big bass that are holed up in deep-water grass pockets late in the season.

To view these baits stop by the newly designed http://www.berkley-fishing.com.

Logo courtesy Berkley

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