Tree Spider announces the introduction of a product that takes the mundane one step further than others, the Tree Spider Safety Line.

With the Tree Spider Safety Line, every hunter can be safely tethered to the tree from the moment they leave the ground, until the moment they return.

With thirty feet of high tensile strength rope, even Tarzan can safely hunt as high as he needs to. By locking on to the Spider Knuckle knot at ground level, and quietly yet easily sliding it up the rope to climb, or sliding it down to descend, there’s no chance of falling from the tree.

Safe and functional, only the Tree Spider Safety Line has exclusive reflective fibers woven into its entire olive drab green length. No longer will the hunter have to fumble around in the pre-dawn darkness looking for his stand. With reflective fibers in the Tree Spider Safety Line, all one has to do is shine their flashlight near the stand, and the line will illuminate like a 30’ beacon in the darkness.

Tree Spider Safety Line is available as a single or in packs of three, and includes a carabineer.

Tree Spider Safety Line

  • Provides safety while ascending and descending from the treestand
  • 30 feet of high tensile rope that has reflective strands so it is easy to find
  • Spider Knuckle knot (also known as Klemheist) used for easy ascent and descent
  • Includes carabineer
  • Available in single and 3 packs

Image courtesy Tree Spider

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One thought on “Tree Stand Accidents Happen, but Smart Hunters Can Walk Away with the Help of Tree Spider Safety Line

  1. Im all about Tree-Stand safety, especially when hunting solo. Having hunted from elevated perches for almost 35 years with out a major fall was due to using safety equipment like a harness, ensuring tree stands and steps were secure and now a safety line for ascending and descending.
    Vital when its dark out, or rain and snow make it all the more treacherous. Don’t be a horror story for the sake of a few dollars or extra minutes it takes to be a safe hunter.

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