The latest issue of Gun Digest the Magazine, which hits newsstands today, puts military weapons in the spotlight with special articles and features detailing the fascinating complexity of firearms used in battle.

The special issue of Gun Digest the Magazine covers military guns throughout history and explores how they have influenced the firearms of today. Readers will be treated to a review of the preproduction prototype of the Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System, or RSASS, and an article discussing the lasting influence of the FAL and the M14 rifles. Writer Brian Meyer exposes a fascinating slice of World War II firearms history in an article detailing his discovery of a Canadian appliance maker that once built Browning Hi-Power pistols in the 1940s.

Readers can also check out firearm historian Philip Peterson’s account of how a stockpile of Italian Carcano rifles were taken by the Germans following Italy’s surrender toward the end of World War II. Peterson addresses how the German troops were able to convert these weapons – some of which are still around and highly collectible – to be compatible with their own calibers. The issue also includes a special excerpt from actor R. Lee Ermey’s new book, Gunny’s Rules. Ermey shares his personal experiences with the Browning Automatic Rifle during his days in the Marine Corps and his times shooting beloved M1A and Garand rifles at Camp Perry.

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