New antler growth is most impressionable and pregnant does are in greatest need in late winter when temperatures and food sources are low.  As a good steward of the land and wildlife, you may wonder what you can do to help the deer herd on the property you manage to thrive during this time of the year.

The Mineral Mizer Bag is the answer. This product holds all the essential nutrients your deer herd needs to flourish, produce larger antlers and healthy offspring, plus it comes with the most easy-to-use application.

The Mineral Mizer Bag is made out of strong geo-textile material that can withstand blows from Mother Nature and pesky wildlife. Fill the Mineral Mizer Bag with the mineral of your choice, or use one of the pre-filled Mineral Mizer Bags, then simply “hang it, wet it and forget it.”

With the help of moisture in the air and an occasional rain shower, the Mineral Mizer Bag produces a constant fresh drip of nourishing minerals to the surface of the ground. This drip will last for an entire year during which time deer will return to the irresistible mineral lick time and again.

You’ll not only save money, but you’ll save trips replenishing the lick, which helps keep the area free of human scent longer.

Give the Mineral Mizer Bag a try and watch it pay great dividends come fall.

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