MOJO’s Turkey Reaper Signature Series Scoot & Shoot is a full body Boss Gobbler Decoy especially designed and constructed to facilitate the exciting hunting method of “creeping” or “fanning” turkeys. It has specially designed flared wings to help to cover the hunter’s body, and convenient combination metal handle and stake and uses MOJO’s handy tail hub that allows for quick attachment and removal of the included artificial fan, which folds for easy carrying. The fan hub is hinged and spring loaded allowing the user to impart realistic fan motion by a pair of left or right thumb tabs. Also includes a separate hub to accommodate your own real turkey fan.

Great for hunting those dominate gobblers that are henned up and will not come to a call. If they won’t come to the call, make them come to an encroaching gobbler!

Watch it in action:

It’s not for everyone or every location but it’s the most exciting and successful form of turkey hunting where conditions are favorable.

Check it out in the short video clip below and no further explanation or encouragement is needed.

Suggested retail $79.99.

Image and video courtesy MOJO Outdoors

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