2014 marks the 245-year anniversary of one of the true legendary brands in the world of knives. PUMA, the great German knife making company, was founded in 1769 by Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung in the town of Solingen, where it still resides today.

Over the centuries, PUMA has produced many great and legendary knives, none more so than the White Hunter, first introduced in 1956 for the East African Professional Hunting Association. The White Hunter, along with other famous models like the Skinner and Hunter’s Pal have become a staple for hunters across the world and especially in North America.

PUMA's anniversary knife.
PUMA’s anniversary knife.

In 2003, PUMA expanded its lineup by introducing the PUMA IP series in Europe, which is produced in Spain and offers unrivaled price-performance. The PUMA IP series is now available in North America as well. As it has since 1769, PUMA only works with the best designers and craftsmen and only uses the best quality materials for their knives.

To mark this great anniversary, PUMA has introduced two new, limited edition knives. First is the 245 Year Anniversary Knife, with the inscription “Me Fecit Solingen 1769-2014” (Made in Solingen 1769-2014) engraved on the blade (440C steel), featuring a traditional stag horn handle. Each knife is individually numbered from 1 to 245 and is available for $659.99. Second is the 2014 Knife of the Year that features the same inscription engraved on the blade, but with the handle made of mammoth tooth and with special mammoth motif engravings on the bolsters. Each knife is individually numbered from 1 to 24 and is available for $1,699.99.

Images courtesy PUMA

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