When you first meet Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie Joe Sancho, you can’t help but think this guy belongs in professional wrestling.  Get to know him and you realize Joe is too nice a guy to ever smash an unsuspecting competitor over the back with a nearby and conveniently placed folding chair.

While Sancho won’t be stepping into the “squared-circle” anytime soon, he is planning on wrestling up a live-well full of lunkers using fishing rods from his newest sponsor, Rapsody Fishing, LLC during the 2014 Elite season.

Rapsody’s headquarters (Troy, NY) are located only a couple hours upstate from Joe’s home town of New Windsor, NY and it was this Empire State connection that kick started their relationship.  Rapsody Fishing Rods has been supporting the NY B.A.S.S. Nation since 2009 and this was where Sancho was first introduced to the company and their products.

Bob Penicka owner of Rapsody stated, “We are extremely pleased to have a fellow New Yorker representing our company and fishing our rods on the Elite Series.  While all rookies on the Elite Series have an uphill battle, we are confident that Joe will surprise a few people.  On a couple of venues, we view him as the dark horse favorite.”

While the Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie may not have any desires to become a professional wrestler, Joe Sancho is certainly hoping for the opportunity to put the “cobra clutch” on plenty of big bass over the 2014 fishing season.

The Bassmaster Elite Series will be kicking off the first of nine events on March 13, 2014 at Georgia’s Lake Seminole.  There will be a New York event, August 21-24th, held on Cayuga Lake and launching from Union Springs, NY.

Image courtesy Rapsody Fishing

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