In an ongoing quest to make hunters out of two professional comedians, Steven Rinella, host of MeatEater, a Sportsman Channel original series, is going to stick celebrities Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen in a ground blind, in the freezing cold, on opening day of deer hunting in Wisconsin. Located in the driftless area of southwest Wisconsin on a friend’s farm, the two-part episode concludes with Part Two on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on Sportsman Channel. This is Rogan and Callen’s second-ever hunt. Last season’s “Montana Showdown” special episode earned the show’s highest rating of the season and a Top-10 network ranking in its time period for all midsized networks in the coveted M25-54 and M18-49 demos.  MeatEater is a Sportsman Channel original series produced in conjunction with Zero Point Zero (ZPZ) Production.

Joe Rogan has been a fan of Rinella since he first watched MeatEater, and has invited Steven to speak about hunting and other topics on his podcast – The Joe Rogan Experience. “We had an immediate connection and his intense desire to hunt for the first time is something I couldn’t ignore,” said Rinella about Rogan.

After their successful first hunt for mule deer in Montana, Rogen, Callen and Rinella knew this was an annual pilgrimage that will take both comedians out of their comfort zone. The goal is to ensure both men take home enough venison to stock their freezers for the year. After settling into their respective ground blinds, Rogan thought this hunt would be easier than the Montana trek. “I was under the illusion that sitting in the stand was going to be a cake walk compared to the hike we had last year – but this definitely has its own difficulties – like having to aim through trees,” said Rogan.

Callen was more philosophical, “I would argue that waiting and looking for a deer is as much a part of hunting than is actually killing the animal. And that is a deep thing to say,” stated Callen right before spotting multiple does off in the distance.

“It’s interesting how much easier it is the second time. To calm yourself down and executing the shot itself,” said Rogan. “This is seriously one of the most exciting and fun things I’ve ever done.”

No MeatEater episode would be complete without Rinella showcasing how to cook what is harvested in the field. Earlier in the trip, Rinella set beaver traps and found two large beavers to cook for dinner. Rinella claims one of the favorite foods of mountain men is beaver tail due to its fatty texture and taste. He cooked braised beaver hams over a bed of vegetables and also slow roasted a deer head with minimal seasonings in the oven. “It is more satisfying to know that you got the animal, you shot it, you butchered it and you ate it,” said Rogan. “I have a goal this year – by the end of the year, I want to be living off game meat.”

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