The boys and Grant Woods from Growing Deer TV discuss shed hunting and give tips on becoming a better shed hunter. Tune in for tips on training your shed dog from Jeremy Moore of Dog Bone Hunter. Jim and Trav will also talk with Kip Adams of QDMA about the Whitetail Summit and record low harvest rates of yearling bucks.

Growing Deer.TV

Shed hunting has quickly become more than just an activity hunters do to pass time during the off season, it has become a sport in itself. While it’s true that anyone can go look for antlers, success depends entirely on knowing what you are doing and knowing what to look for.  Grant Woods from Growing Deer.TV joins Jim and Trav to give some tips for becoming a better shed hunter.

Dog Bone Hunter

Jeremy Moore is a professional dog trainer and a deer hunting enthusiast. That combination has given him the insight needed to develop a line of training products and tools to make your dog a “deer dog.”  Jeremy Moore from Dog Bone Hunter joins Jim and Trav this week to talk about training your K-9 to effectively recovery not only sheds but game as well.

Predator Hunting

Early spring is a prime time for predator hunting as many coyotes have paired up and are establishing denning areas. However it’s crucial for management as well because spring generally brings the highest predation rates among prey animals. Coyote Craze founder, Geoff Nemnich deals out spring predator hunting tips and strategies.


Expert on all things deer is Kip Adams from the Quality Deer Management Association.  This week he’ll talk with Jim and Trav about the record low harvest rate of yearling bucks for 2013 and the science behind antler casting.  He’ll also fill us in on the first ever North America Whitetail Summit with its focus on the decline of deer herds.

Image courtesy The Revolution with Jim and Trav

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