White Rock Decoy Company, a leading innovator in windsock decoys and gear for the new generation of mobile waterfowl hunters, is excited to announce the release of their much anticipated White Rock Flocked Head Canada Goose Decoys.

These new windsock Canada Goose decoys offer fully flocked feeder and upright heads that can be mounted to the body in multiple positions. The photo realistic printing of the body bag are spot-on in size, shape, and color making these the most realistic Canada Goose windsock decoys ever developed. Combined with the functionality of the Tuf-snap Collapsible Support System that made White Rock Decoys famous, these aren’t your old-school windsock decoys of the past.

“There’s a new wave of hunters developing across the country,” explains owner James Wille. “These guys are looking for big, mobile, yet realistic decoy spreads that are easy to travel with and deploy. And whether your hunting close to home, traveling out of state, or heading North to the Canadian prairies, you need decoys, and often times a lot of them. The success of large windsock spreads has been proven over and over in the snow goose hunting community. This tactic is just starting to catch on with Canada Goose hunters, but we found they weren’t happy with what was currently available for realistic windsock decoys on the market. That’s what we were going for with these new Canada decoys, realism.”

The White Rock Canada Goose pack comes with 6 feeder and 6 upright decoys. The feeders have a side to side feeding motion and the upright heads can be mounted facing any direction. This gets you away from the front facing stiff toy-soldier look of other windsock decoys. Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support Systems and 24″ fiberglass ground stakes come standard.

“The durability of these decoys are also second to none with unbreakable back supports and the fiberglass stakes,” says Wille.

So whether a hunter is looking to build a mobile Canada goose spread or trying to boost numbers in their spread to compete with live birds or big guide sets, this is how the new wave is doing it.

Learn more about White Rock Canada Goose Decoys: www.whiterockdecoys.com/canada-goose.html

Image courtesy White Rock Decoys

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