The 1st Annual Trijicon / NRA World Shooting Championship will be held at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, WV and will crown “The World Shooting Champion”.

The NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division will manage and score the match with the assistance of the Peacemaker National Training Center match staff. The overall objective of this match is to assemble the top 400 shooters from around the world to include existing and previous champion shooters from virtually every organized shooting sport worldwide and crown one competitor, The Undisputed World Shooting Champion, a distinction never been bestowed upon any shooter in history.

All shooters will compete over the course of four days in twelve equally weighted, officially sanctioned disciplines from various shooting sports. All firearms and ammunition will be provided for each event thus shooters will compete with common firearms and ammunition. This will level the playing field, as specialized equipment for each discipline will be provided for all competitors. This will also alleviate the need for new equipment to be purchased for unfamiliar events; and assist with international and domestic travel for all competitors.

Match Information & Key Dates:

  • Match Staff & VIP Shooting Dates: Monday September 8th & Tuesday September 9th
  • Actual Match Dates: Wednesday September 10th 2014 Saturday September 13th 2014
  • Mandatory Shooter Meeting Briefing: Tuesday September 9th 7PM-9PM – Squad information and start times given to shooters at this time
  • Official Match Check In: Tuesday September 9th 2014 Noon – 7PM Hampton Inn Winchester VA – 1204 Berryville Avenue, Winchester, Virginia, 22601
  • Banquet & Awards Ceremony: Saturday September 13th 8PM – 11PM “Winchester Sportsplex” 221 Commonwealth Ct, Winchester, VA 22602

Location: Peacemaker National Training Center Glengary WV
Contact: 304-229-GUNS (4867)
Official Match Hotel: Winchester VA Hampton Inn
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Match Rules: Scoring is commonized so that all stages have the same overall value. Official rules available soon.

Match Stages:
Segment has three stages. Shooters may or may not shoot all stages of the match. Not shooting a certain stage will decrease the overall match score but NOT PROHIBIT a shooter from winning individual stages or a segment or segments.

Firearms & Ammunition Are Provided:
Shooters will not bring or use their firearms in this match. All firearms and ammunition are appropriate for the courses of fire and will be provided.

Registration Requirements:

Initial invitations to champion shooters around the world will be sent out on or near February 26th 2014. By Mid March open registration will be available. 400 shooters total will compete. For consideration for a champion invitation send championships won & outline of shooting credentials to:

Match Director: Larry Houck – PNTC
Match Executive & Coordinator: Cole McCulloch – PNTC
Match Administrator: Tom Pohuski – PNTC
Trijicon Match Executive: Jeff Eby – Trijicon
Rifle Segment Director: Sheri Judd – NRA
Pistol Segment Director: Damien Orsinger – NRA
Shotgun Segment Director: To Be Announced – NRA
Combined Segment Director: Nathan Judd – NRA


  • First Place: $50,000
  • Lady Champion: $5,000
  • Pistol Segment Winner: $5,000
  • Rifle Segment Winner: $5,000
  • Shotgun Segment Winner: $5,000
  • Combined Firearms Segment Winner: $5,000
  • Second Place Overall: $3,000
  • Third Place Overall: $2,000
  • Fourth Place Overall: $1,000
  • Stage Winner $2,000
  • Side Match Winner: $1,000
  • Over $150,000 In Prize Table Awards

Match Segments & Stages:

Pistol Segment: Overall three stage winner (World Pistol Champion Trophy & 5K Cash)

  • Stage One: NRA Action Pistol Bianchi Cup Mover
  • Stage Two: USPSA
  • Stage Three: NRA Conventional Pistol Bullseye
  • Side Match One: IDPA Challenge
  • Side Match Two: SASS Bullseye

Rifle Segment: Overall three stage winner (World Rifle Champion Trophy & 5K Cash)

  • Stage Four: NRA National Defense Match
  • Stage Five: F-Class 600 Yards
  • Stage Six: NRA Smallbore Standing
  • Side Match Three: NRA Bianchi Plate Rack
  • Side Match Four: AR X Ring Bullseye

Shotgun Segment: Overall three stage winner (World Shotgun Champion Trophy & 5K Cash)

  • Stage Seven: NSCA Sporting Clays – 5 Stand
  • Stage Eight: ATA Trap
  • Stage Nine: NRA Law Enforcement Shotgun
  • Side Match Five: Tactical Shotgun
  • Side Match Six: Turkey Shoot

Combined Segment: Overall three stage winner (World Combined Sport Champion Trophy & 5K Cash)

  • Stage Ten: 3Gun
  • Stage Eleven: SASS 3Gun
  • Stage Twelve: PNTC Long Range 2Gun
  • Side Match Seven: Top Of The World Long Range Challenge
  • Side Match Eight: Long Range Pistol Challenge

Logo courtesy Peacemaker National Training Center

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