The new-for-2014 Ontario Knife Company Bushcraft Field Knife maximizes the value of minimalist design. Crafted with high-end carbon steel and a design that is sure to have survivalists, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts lining up to be the first to own one, the OKC Bushcraft Field Knife is the next must have knife – and more.

A survival knife is a hunting companion, survival tool, and is at times used for field craft that no blade should ever be expected to perform.  Requirements such as these demand a knife that was not just built for the bush, but built by a blademaster. Ontario Knife Company vetted their craftsman well and selected OKC Blademaster-in-Residence Dan Maragni to design the OKC Bushcraft Field Knife. Fans of survival knives are no strangers to Margani’s previous works including Ontario Knife’s SP43 and SP53. However, with the new OKC Bushcraft Field Knife, Maragni may have created his crowning work.

The OKC Bushcraft Field Knife was hand-crafted with attention to detail and a focus on the key aspects the Bushcraft community demands in a survival blade, including a hardwood handle and carbon steel blade. Overall, the full-tang OKC Bushcraft Field Knife measures 10.12 inches of robust 5160 carbon steel. At a full five inches, the blade itself culminates with a high, off-center point. The flat-ground design allows for an increased cutting surface and a fine wood carving and meat cutting ability. The industrial grade 5160 carbon steel ensures the OKC Bushcraft Field Knife will hold its edge longer and sharpen easily.

The ruggedly simplistic design is aesthetically pleasing, but is clearly meant to be a working knife. The classic ergonomics of the American hardwood handle with blackened rivets feature a curved back that promises maximum comfort and grip regardless of hand size. The abbreviated guard ensures a safe, non-slip grip and suits the minimally intrusive profile. Sold as a survival system, each knife comes with a para-cord lanyard and a fire-starter with striker. The knife fits neatly and carries easily in a durable nylon sheath by renowned holster manufacturer DeSantis.

Founded in 1889, The Ontario Knife Company is a U.S. owned and operated organization that continually stays on the forefront of knife designs and cutting-edge technology.  Ontario’s military supply roots go deep into its history, as the company has been supplying quality cutlery to the U.S. Military since WWI. Today, the company consistently develops new knife designs that allow military personnel to have the products they need in order to get their jobs done both on and off of the battlefield. Ontario Knife is also especially proud of being selected as the sole provider of the United States Marine Corps OKC3S Multi-purpose Bayonet System and the Model 4 Rescue Strap Cutter. In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces, Ontario Knife teams with a nationwide network of distributors/dealers to market its products to many diverse consumer and niche markets including the tactical/military, hunting, outdoors, law enforcement and cutlery industries. Worldwide sales activity encompasses more than 28 countries and continues to grow.

Image courtesy Ontario Knife Company

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3 thoughts on “Ontario Knife Company Introduces New-for-2014 Bushcraft Field Knife

  1. An excellent basic design by a reputable American maker. I have several Ontario knives & machetes and will order one of these asap.

  2. yep, looks like I’ll be putting in an order too !! This knife is in the order of simplicity of the great Scandinavian Puukos and working knives, and designed for ‘all day-everyday- use’. It is one of those knives that will just sit on your hip completely unnoticed, until you need it. But will more than do the job when you DO need it ! The same can’t be said for most of the so-called ‘survival/bush knives’ on the market. Many are way too heavy, too big and clunky to be of much use at all, and are trying to be ‘all things to all people’. You cannot make an ‘axe’ out of a knife. You want an axe, carry one !! But for ordinary ‘cutting & slicing’ chores, knife designs like this OKC Bushcraft are ALL that is needed.

  3. The nice thing about this knife is that it is purely a knife — it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Knives are for cutting, slicing, and stabbing. They are not saws, hammers, etc. The profile lines are clean without sharp transitions, it has a nice flat grind, and no recurve. My gripe would be the handle. Full-tang is the way to go, but there is a horrible trend for people to think that means an exposed tang, as this and many other knives have. IMHO, the tang should not be exposed, especially not with a wood grip. You can have a full tang, not a rat-tail tang, without having it exposed. Still, as far as knives go, this one is a good design.

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