The boys are geared up for spring turkey hunting!  So winter time turkey scouting, chokes and loads, turkey calling strategies and techniques, how wild turkeys and water go hand in hand, bow hunting for turkey’s, population statistics, decoying turkey’s and much more.

Spring Turkey Tips

This week pick up some great turkey hunting tips and techniques from pro Wade Bourne.  His vast knowledge in the hunting, fishing and outdoor  realm have made him the well respected outdoor writer and broadcaster that he is today.  He’ll talk strategy when hunting the old bird who hangs up out of range, why he doesn’t use decoys and much more. Tune in!

Water and the Wild Turkey

Water is a crucial resource for the wild turkey, and depending on where you live it means different things to each subspecies. James Earl Kennemar, Chief Conservation Officer at the National Wild Turkey Federation explains how turkeys in the eastern and western regions of the U.S. use water differently and how that knowledge can help hunters and land managers.

Chokes & Loads

Stealth and strategy mean nothing in turkey hunting if you don’t have a choke and load that consistently put out the patterns you need to get a bird on the ground.  Ron Spomer with Ron Spomer Outdoors drops by to talk with Jim and Trav about building the right gun, choke, shell combination to produce the results you need at the distance you are most effective.

Calling 101

There are tons of turkey calls on the market with new models and designs being introduced every day, but they all aim to mimic authentic turkey language.  Denny Gulvas a custom call maker, photographer, and videographer explains the basics of the wild turkey’s vocabulary and what sounds you need to practice the most to effectively call wild turkeys into range.

Image courtesy The Revolution

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