New for 2014, Kwikee Kwiver introduces the Sidewinder Hip Quiver Adapter and the X-Block Broadhead Sharpening System.

Now you can carry your quiver of arrows/bolts without having to attach it to your bow. The Sidewinder hip mount for detachable quivers is designed to mount any standard quiver bracket. Best of all, it rotates the quiver to a position you choose, where it will stay. It is also a great solution for crossbows with proprietary mounting configurations.

The Sidewinder’s ingenious design keeps your arrows easily accessible, whether you’re stalking, sitting or kneeling. Best of all, there’s no leg strap, no interference and no arrow flagging. The Sidwinder comes with the traditional Kwikee bracket.

The new X-Block Broadhead Sharpening System.
The new X-Block Broadhead Sharpening System.

The X-Block Diamond Hone Broadhead Sharpening System keeps your broadheads razor sharp for continued success. The X-Block contains three grits of diamond hones for a razor-sharp finish. The included files are ideal for shaping new unsharpened heads. One side is used for 2- and 4-blade heads, while the second side is used for 3-blade heads. The hones can also be used to sharpen other blades by hand.

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