The WILDLIFERS TV show is coming to Sportsman Channel beginning Fall 2014. The WILDLIFERS crew includes Dan Braman, Jimmy Brown and Dustin Mueller. Meet WILDLIFER Dan Braman!

Born in South Texas, in the heart of big deer country, Dan grew up hunting with hounds for coyotes and bobcats. Hounds still remain a passion. Dan has hunted several countries including, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, and 20+ states. Dan has been a professional hunting guide for 26 years. Dan states, “I am excited about Wildlifers for several reasons. First, we are going to see to it that Wildlifers brings the viewing audience hunting in its most real form. There will be nothing staged during the hunt. We will use equipment that is of the best quality in order to giving the viewing public the best possible look at what we are seeing. We hope that our differences in personality will peak the interest of the viewer. Most of all, I am excited to share the incredible blessing I have in hunting all over the world. It is our hope that Wildlifers will in some way encourage today’s youth to get outside and enjoy nature, at its finest”.

WILDLIFERS will air on Sportsman Channel, during prime time, Saturdays at 9:30 pm EST, beginning August 2014!

Image courtesy Wildlifers

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