Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that the company is currently offering a consumer promotion for any individual who purchases a new M&P15-22 rifle. The M&P15-22 Tin Can promotion will be available to consumers in the continental United States who purchase any new Smith & Wesson modern sporting rifle in .22LR from January 25, 2014 through April 30, 2014.

During the Smith & Wesson promotion, consumers who purchase the ever-popular S&W M&P15-22 will receive a coupon to redeem for one free box (300 rounds) of .22LR ammunition manufactured by CCI®. Chambered in .22LR, the M&P15-22 is built with a high strength polymer upper and lower receiver that allows the rifle to have a reduced weight while maintaining the looks and operating features of a standard M&P rifle. For 2014, the M&P15-22 is being offered in four new exciting colors – Tan/Black, Harvest Moon Orange, Purple Platinum and Pink Platinum.

The M&P15-22 rimfire rifle retains standard features such as a fully functioning charging handle, two-position receiver mount safety and a 16.5-inch barrel, making it a perfect rifle for recreation, small game or training purposes.

For more information regarding the Smith & Wesson consumer promotion and to learn how to qualify visit

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2 thoughts on “Smith & Wesson Offers Consumer Promotion on Popular M&P15-22 Rifles

  1. Hmmm . . . on a leisurely shooting afternoon, we can burn through that in 30 minutes easy. They couldn’t even make it the common 500 or 525 pack. Then we can search for months to find more ammo at a reasonable price. Guess we better limit our fun shooting to about 30 rounds an outing a couple times a month. Anything over 10¢ a round is waaaaay too much for 22LR, unless you are shooting in competitive matches, but then you are buying match ammo, not overpriced plinking, varmint ammo. I won’t buy 22LR for more than 6¢ a round. I bought some better stuff once, it was about 7¢, it was junk compared to the 4¢ stuff I was buying at the time and it was SUPREME ammo. I actually had a couple rounds that did not even pierce the paper target, it bounced off! That was at 10 yards out, I actually saw the bullet leave the barrel . . . I wrote the manufacturer and they sent me a refund for the 5 boxes of 50 I had purchased. They requested I return the unused ammo and spent shell casings if I had any, which I did.

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