The AR-15 Podcast hosts special guest Stacey Nagy from Primary Weapon Systems  in episode 64 for an in depth interview with some of PWS’s most popular products. J.W. and Reed begin with the Mark I, piston driven compact AR platform offering. How is it different from a typical AR? What exactly is a piston driven system? Stacey breaks down some of the major differences and how it affects longevity of parts on the rifle.

Reed moves on to inquire about the QPQ barrel finish for PWS. Stacey elaborates on what it is and how it seals and hardens the barrel. J.W. does some quick research and provides some interesting information about some of the benefits of the process, and how it helps sustain the accuracy and durability of your rifle.

The guys then move into the PWS enhanced buffer system, and how it’s different from a standard buffer tube. Stacey explains how it replaces receiver extensions on the rifle. He addresses problems of the compact rifles and how it translates to the buffer tube system. Other topics of interest include the .308 Mark II platform, suppression, and some insight into design inspiration.

Finally, Stacey gives great information on where you can find some of these PWS’s products, including Master Dealers that carry the full array of the product line at all times. Be sure to continue to tune in for the next series of great promotional giveaways, as well as get listener feedback. Anyone can listen to this episode at


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