Whether in bright daylight or in challenging lighting conditions, the compact APO-Televid 65 mm and the exceptionally bright APO-Televid 82 mm spotting scopes never fail to impress. Unmatched optical clarity combined with the most robust construction and attractive designs. Offering amazingly wide field of view, razor-sharp image resolution, with maximum contrast and outstanding color fidelity. The patented Leica 25-50x WW ASPH. wide-angle zoom eyepiece is the perfect complement to these award-winning Leica APO-Televid spotting scopes, offering incredible clarity across wide fields and unparalleled eye comfort.

When the NEW Extender 1.8x is mounted in front of the 25-50x eyepiece, the new effective magnification range is increased to 45-90x. This now gives the Leica consumer maximum versatility of use whether scanning immense vistas effortlessly at 25x magnification or dialed in to the extreme 90x magnification for extreme close study. The NEW Leica Extender 1.8x offers abilities not offered in most optical systems.

Whether critically assessing the most minute details of distant wildlife or even observing the rings of Saturn – the Extender 1.8x is the clear solution for every challenge.

The optical system of the Extender 1.8x is comprised of a two-lens achromat that mounts perfectly due to our integrated locking mechanism on the bayonet mount. With the simple push of a button and a quick turn of the wrist, the Extender 1.8x can be quickly and securely mounted between the APO-Televid angled spotting scope and the eyepiece.

Please note: the Extender 1.8x only works on angled eyepiece of the spotting scopes.

As always, Leica delivers this wholly innovative, modular component to be as effective and as simplistic as possible. The NEW Extender 1.8x now allows the greatest magnification of any premium spotting scope and it is an optically, mechanically, and ergonomically matched system that works flawlessly as a modular kit.

MSRP: $449.00

Image courtesy Leica

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