A pair of Kimber .45’s bring both style and performance in the cover story for the May/June issue of American Handgunner. Editor Roy Huntington takes a look at this compelling duo — composed of the Ultra+ CDP II and the Classic Carry Pro — examining their differences and finding the unique advantages of both.

“Both guns can, would and do a great job protecting anyone. I tend to think of them as one to work with — and one to play with,” describes Huntington. “The fit, finish, gentle ‘melting’ and great trigger pull make the Ultra+ CDP II fun to shoot and handle. The Classic Carry Pro is eminently carryable and is certainly professional in every category — from build quality to custom touches. ”

This issue also features “Start ’Em Out Right.” Handgunner columnist Dave Anderson highlights the best ways to encourage new shooters, advising the best guns to use with first-timers.

“Don’t go with too big a gun. I don’t mean too large a cartridge, I mean a pistol too large to hold comfortably,” explains Dave. “Polymer semi-autos such as the Glock, S&W M&P and Springfield XD, in 9mm and with standard loads, are easy to use and comfortable to shoot for most people.”

The May/June issue of American Handgunner also highlights Mike “Duke” Venturino’s look at .30 Carbine Handguns, Will Dabbs’ profile of the Colt Mustang XPS .380 ACP and J.B. Wood’s investigation of Charter’s 9mm Pitbull Revolver. This issue’s special focus features include a close look at competition gear and airsoft/airguns.

A Cylider & Slide Shop Custom Ruger SR1911 and 22/45 highlight the May/June Gun of the Month giveaway. This package also includes a Purdy Gear IWB Holster, a Bad Blood Kendrick Razorhoof and a Bad Blood Kendrick Paradigm. Handgunner readers will have the chance to win this package, valued at over $5,724, by simply entering online at www.americanhandgunner.com/giveaway.

Handgun enthusiasts who can’t get enough of American Handgunner are encouraged to go online for exclusive web content, access to previous issues and to sign up for a free digital subscription at www.americanhandgunner.com/digital-editions.

Image courtesy American Handgunner

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