A long time major player in ultra-quality and specialized American made ammunition may be a company you have never heard of? So who are these guys anyway?

(HSM) is not a little outfit with a batch of hand operated presses. HSM Ammunition is a major player with 45 highly-experienced employees turning out 500,000+ rounds of high-power rifle and pistol ammunition a day!

In business since 1968 HSM started primarily by supporting law enforcement with range and duty ammunition. The company then quickly moved into the manufacture of restricted special purpose ammunition for certain law enforcement and federal organizations.

Over the last 20-years while continuing to service special units with unique ammunition HSM has moved more into the commercial market with a truly huge variety of ammunition; would you believe some 950 loads over 120 calibers?

HSM markets exclusively through 2,100 retailers which include Cabelas, Sportsman’s Warehouse and major catalog outlets as Midway USA and Sportsman’s Guide.

One unique commercial line of hunting ammunition HSM produces is their Trophy Gold brand.Trophy Gold is exclusively loaded with famed Berger Bullets. For many years Berger Bullets has been producing incredibly accurate bullets primarily used by high-level competitors.

HSM in collaboration with Berger Bullets developed their Trophy Gold line of ballistic efficient very low drag (VLD) match grade accurate ammunition for extended range hunting. The Trophy Gold VLD rounds are specifically designed to deliver 100 percent of their energy inside the animal for quick kills at long range reduced velocities and yet to do so without destroying meat at closer ranges either; a neat trick!

HSM Ammunition, a company you will hear much more of in the future.

Image courtesy HSM Ammunition

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