Build it right and they will come… to the sporting goods store and buy it, that is. Empty spaces on store shelves are proof that word of mouth is still the most genuine resource for angler information about what’s hot, and, what’s not.

Now enter Southwick Associates—the nation’s premier outdoors market research firm—and their AnglerSurvey.com poll. It’s the fishing industry’s most sought-after study. This annual assessment is the apex in surveys depicting the goods that mean the most to anglers.

In 2013 alone, 18,559 reviews were compiled by participants concerning the brands and products they purchased most frequently. And at the final weigh-in, Frabill took top honors in an extraordinary four categories – the most of any company in fishing.

“The entire staff at Frabill continually prides ourselves on connecting with the core of the consumer; not just what sells, but what anglers need to catch fish,” says Frabill Vice President of Engineering, Ryan Kleckner. “It’s not just being an innovative company that keeps a customer coming back to purchase your product, but making sure every piece we produce is the best.”

Tim Makos, design engineer of the company’s hard goods lines, chimes in about tough field testing. “What helps us in designing product is that we all use it. We fish. We put the equipment through the wringer. If something’s not quite right, we fix it. Sure, being all-the-rage in the fishing industry is important, but we make sure it’s more than just trendy. We make sure it works and stays working.”

Top Landing Net Brand

There’s a reason the phrase “Get the Frabill” has become common lingo for many an angler just before the crucial moment of scooping a fish. The trade name has proven itself by representing the toughest, best-built nets on the market today.

From landing net designs that can subdue the most behemoth of saltwater species, to ones that fold up and can be stowed out from under foot, there’s a Frabill net made to meet every need.

The anglers have spoken, making Frabill number one in landing nets.

Top Bait Bucket/Aerator Brand

Nobody takes fishing more seriously than anglers who use livebait. Not only is the future of their catch at stake, but the risk of purchasing expensive living, breathing morsels and having them parish before the first cast. Frabill says it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why the designers at Frabill have taken livebait management to the highest level possible over the years, creating containers to keep minnows, crawlers, leeches, shrimp and more livelier than ever. To boot, there’s an aerated bait bucket made for every critter that can be nipped onto a hook, saltwater or fresh.

When the numbers were tallied, Frabill took the lead as the best-of-the-best in bait buckets and aerators.

Top Ice Combo Brand

There’s no doubting that when it comes to a company that offers ice anglers a multitude of options in ice-fishing combos, Frabill paves the way Zamboni smooth. (Um, that’s a hockey reference for the uninitiated.)

From couplings’ paired perfectly for finessing miniscule morsels into the faces of finicky fish, to a grouping of rods and reels that can handle the strike and fight of the most ferocious finned beast, no company offered more high-quality combos in 2013.

Ice anglers took note and purchased more Frabill ice combos than any other.

Top Ice Tip-Up Brand

In a similar scenario, when it comes to the variety of models offered, Frabill gives folks scores of the ever-popular ice-fishing tip-up.

From innovations like adding electronics to what was once thought of as a primitive device, to specialty configurations and features for every tip-up application, Frabill once again leads the way in catching fish through a hole in the frozen facade.

The polls proved that Frabill is tops in tip-ups.

Image courtesy Frabill

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