Chestnut Hill Outdoors Offers One-of-a-Kind Food Plot Trees


It’s almost spring, the winter doldrums are almost over and the perfect weather for being outdoors is upon us. Is it too early to start working on that food plot for fall deer season? Never. But instead of putting in hours and hours of planning, planting and maintaining your food plot this spring and summer, not to mention boo coos of money, let Chestnut Hill Outdoors help you – plant food plot trees instead.

Chestnut Hill is your only source for Dunstan chestnut trees – the best food plot tree. Deer and other wildlife flock to chestnut trees for their sweet-tasting chestnuts, and the Dunstan tree variety is known for its heavy annual crop of incredibly sweet chestnuts. The Dunstan tree is easy to plant, easy to grow and requires little to no maintenance once established, and thrives in a wide range of climates.

Persimmon trees, Apple, Pear trees, and Oak trees
Persimmon trees, Apple, Pear trees, and Oak trees

But Chestnut Hill also offers other food plot tree varieties as well, such as persimmon trees, an assortment of apple and pear trees, and even oak trees, all of which provide nutrition that will keep the wildlife coming back for more. Persimmons are widely referred to as “deer candy,” so these trees are a great addition to any food plot. Crabapples and other apple selections are attractive to deer as well, and Chestnut Hill only selects varieties that have the longest ripening times, making them perfect for fall deer season.

With a little planning and planting this season, your food plot will be set for years to come, and will lure in game and wildlife just as well, or better, as food plot crops. But the best advantages of food plot trees is that they won’t break your budget and won’t require hours of maintenance every year. Chestnut Hill makes it even easier for you by offering all of its food plot tree varieties in bulk, for your convenience, and the Dunstan chestnut tree is also offered in starter packages that include stakes, grow tubes and weed mats.

Don’t break the bank this year on your food plot. Try planting some Chestnut Hill food plot trees, and watch as deer gather at your plot this fall.

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