Guncrafter Industries M4 in .50GI: the Solution to the Hog Problem


Guncrafter Industries‘ Model 4 is the .50GI solution to the wild hog epidemic that is becoming the favorite past time of hunters across the United States and around the world.

Guncrafter Industries Model 4 is the six inch launching platform for the powerful .50GI cartridge. Built one at a time in a quiet corner of Northwest Arkansas where hogs are just starting to arrive, the talented craftsmen at Guncrafter will painstakingly fit each and every part to create the perfect handgun to rid your area of a swine infestation. Starting with a fully machined hammer forged slide, frame, and barrel fitted flawlessly together by hand to give you extraordinary accuracy and reliability. You can choose from front sights ranging from fiber-optic to tritium to work in concert with a fully adjustable rear sight allowing you the option to work up the perfect load and regulate accordingly. 15LPI checkered front strap and main-spring housing along with fully checkered logo Aluma-grips work together to give you full control of this powerful pistol. With the available assortment of ammo from the 1200 fps 185CHP grain work horse to the 275JHP game stopper the .50GI has been successful in harvesting American Bison, Wildebeest, and Yak, so it will make short work of your pigs. No matter if your plans take you to Africa for the hunt of a lifetime or just to Texas to bag a record hog, Guncrafter Industries can build a pistol to meet the demands of life in the field.

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