The Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro time-lapse video scouting camera is a smart cookie – it can tell you where to hunt by showing you exactly where all the deer action is on your land. But did you know it can do specific research for you too? That’s right. You can use the PlotWatcher Pro to determine the activity level, and even health, of the deer on your land.

When you setup a PlotWatcher Pro in preparation for deer season, why not let it to the dirty work for you? Put out the PlotWatcher, leave it for up to four months (the PlotWatcher Pro can run in the field for up to four months on one set of batteries and capture up to 1 million images), then retrieve the images. When reviewing the images – as an easy-to-view HD video, thanks to Tru-Video technology – be sure to look at the time of day when the most action occurs. When observed over a few days or months, a pattern can be determined, which will help you save time and bag the big buck when deer season rolls around.

Daily activity isn’t the only research the PlotWatcher Pro can provide – it can tell you about the health of the herd too. When reviewing images over the course of months, you will be able to watch deer grow, literally, before your eyes. Some might not grow like the others or act the same, and therefore might have health concerns. This bit of information can help you target certain deer to weed out of the herd. It can also help you decide which feed and nutritional supplements you need to aid in the overall health of the deer – helping that big buck grow even bigger.

Not only does the PlotWatcher Pro provide the longest-lasting battery life available in the field, but it provides you with all the knowledge you need to maintain deer on your land – for many deer seasons to come. Stop wasting your time guessing what the deer look like and where the activity occurs on your land. Put up a PlotWatcher Pro and let it tell you everything you need to know.

Image courtesy Day 6 Outdoors

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