Word from your buds fresh off the water is that the bite’s hot. But don’t bring your ultra-light lures; the fish are attacking big baits and big baits only.

And now, according to the radar, an impending gully-washer is coming your way


The fish should be feeding fiercely during the moments before the downpour. You’ve got everything prepped: Rods and reels; check. Frabill F-Series raingear; check. Plano’s new 3743 Deep Waterproof StowAway – a chunky tackle totebig enough to manage and protect full-size baits… Check!

New for 2014, the 3743 Deep Waterproof StowAway is the most cavernous and watertight tackle tote in the popular Plano series.

The devil in the watertight details starts with the pliable Dry-Loc O-ring seal built into the lid, which envelops the tote’s rim on its main body to create a tight seal. And then there are the three cam-action latches that “snap” the lid closed in a virtual death grip. Nary a drop of H2O can seep through any Waterproof StowAway, keeping your precious lures and their hooks free from the corrosive damage caused by soaking rains or salty spray.

The Deep Waterproof StowAway measures 14” L x 9” W x 2.875” H with four divided chambers that can be subdivided into 15 individual compartments. It’s these multiple-sizing configurations that make the 3743 Deep Waterproof StowAway the perfect transport for large crankbaits, spoons, swimbaits and gigantic topwaters.

Plano’s Waterproof StowAways have always been known for keeping your precious lures and their metals safe, secure and dry. And now with the new 3743 Deep Waterproof StowAway, some of your largest lures can be stored watertight.

Image courtesy Plano

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One thought on “Plano’s New Deep Waterproof Stowaway Keeps Large Lures Safe and Dry

  1. I am a Plano guy. I have owned hundreds and hundreds and carry more than 30 on my Ranger at any given time, with more than 50 full of reserve tackle in my garage. I had great hopes for the kinds of latches used on the 3743 boxes. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. They become brittle very quickly and you have a non-sealing high quality box. No better option out there so I still use them but I am darned tired of eating the constant replacement cost. Find a better latch system, Plano!

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