It isn’t every week that you can get free competitive shooting coaching from a world champion professional shooter, but that is exactly what Jake Challand and Gun Guy Radio brings you this week with special guest Max Michel.  Max has been shooting since he was only 5 years old and became a Master class shooter at age 14.  Max served with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit immediately upon graduation from high school.  After ten years of military service, he left USAMU and became a full time professional shooter.  Since that time he has been a national and world champion in various disciplines and currently shoots for team Sig Sauer.  He will represent the United States in the IPSC World Championships in 2014.

Besides the early influence that his father had on his shooting career, Max credits his ability to set and achieve measurable goals for much of his success.  “You have to hit the small milestones that get you to the next short term goal … and allow you to continue on that right track ….  Many shooters want to get to the end result as quickly as possible, but there’s really no substitute to doing the right thing…. Mindset, mental game and goal setting are absolutely key.  It’s what separates the top guys from the great guys.”

For those who want to get involved in competitive shooting, the goal setting is just the beginning.  The competitive shooting community is full of great people and it is easy to get involved, especially if you are willing to volunteer to work the matches.  Max points out that the action shooting sports are great fun and competition, but they are also great training for those looking for self-defense training, because of the nerves and adrenaline that goes with these sports.  The production gun divisions are a low cost entry to the IDPA, IPSC, and Steel Challenge variations of the action shooting sports.  “Start there because it’s probably what you have laying around the house.  Some of the best shooters in the world are shooting in that division.”  While a shooter can always move into the race divisions, starting in the production division is a great way to start participation in the action shooting sports.

Max has advice for all levels of shooters including physical training, dry fire training, coaching new shooters, and equipment selection.

Brownell’s Product Category Manager Paul Levy puts this week’s product spotlight on the new Emergency and Survival Gear category of products.  Brownell’s is carrying over 1,000 survival and prepping products including the Sawyer All In One Water Filter System.  “This is one of the nice filtration systems we carry.  The cool thing about this is that you can drink right out of it.  It filters as you go.”  The Sawyer system also has a variety of attachments including an attachment for exterior faucets, multiple sized storage pouches, a drill bit to create a gravity feed, and a filter hanger. The filter does not need to be replaced, simply sending tap water backwards through the filter with the supplied syringe will completely clean out the filter.  The filter is good for one million gallons.

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