Sightmark is excited to announce the release of the Photon 5×42 Digital Night Vision Riflescope, an exclusively modified unit never before accomplished in the market. By taking a daytime riflescope, removing the objective lens, and replacing it with a cutting-edge night vision attachment complete with a CCD sensor and built-in infrared illuminator, Sightmark has created a unique product capable of vivid daytime and nighttime viewing.

“Though around the same price point as Generation 1 night vision products, the Sightmark Photon 5×42 delivers twice the range of observation compared to Gen 1,” said Sightmark President James Sellers. “The Photon also features the best of digital technology and a unique design, allowing shooters to enhance their nighttime shooting experience considerably.”

Complete with a high-power 150mW laser IR illuminator, the Sightmark Photon 5×42 increases the overall detection range for a clear focus on any size long-distance target in low-ambient light conditions or pitch black darkness. Featuring a Dot-Duplex reticle for quick target acquisition of fast-moving targets and a 5x magnification for vivid detailing, the Photon 5×42 is ideal for hog and varmint hunting. Users have the ability to capture everything seen, day or night, with the unit’s video output feature.

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