It’s spring fishing this week! Joining Jim and Trav will be pro John Thelen with In-Fisherman Magazine to discuss boat control and driftsocks, fishing guide and TV host Joey Monteleone on better bass fishing.  Also tune in for advice for first time boat buyers from Ranger Boats’ Keith Daffron and finally Scott Glorvigen with walleye fishing patterns for spring.

Spring Walleye Patterns

Scott Glorvigen is one of the most sought after professional walleye fisherman  in the industry.  This week he is lending his expertise to Revolution listeners in the form of tips and advice tailored for spring success.  He talks with Jim and Trav about walleye behavior, cold water spring patterns, presentation, water clarity and much more.

Bass Fishing

Joey Monteleone is a fishing guide, TV host and a bass fishing master. This week he dishes tips on how effectively matching the hatch can help you hook more fish. He’ll discuss three critical factors in matching what the fish are feeding on: color, the size of your bait, and the correct retrieve speed. Listen up for his advice on what lures to use right now and what patterns to look for.

First Time Boat Buying

Deciding to buy a boat is a major purchase and one that will most likely be with you for awhile, so it’s important to get it right the first time.  Ranger Boats‘ Keith Daffron joins The Revolution this week to discuss some tips for first time boat buyers, what to look for in your purchase, what to be aware of, equipment, unexpected costs and more.

Using Driftsocks

Mastering boat control can mean the difference between keeping your hook in the strike zone and walking away from your trip empty handed. John Thelen from In-Fisherman discusses the use of driftsocks to maintain boat control especially when wind and waves are factors you are dealing with. Tune in to get the basics on correct size and placement.

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