PlugDock is a new patent-pending product designed to answer two questions faced by all boaters who remove their boat drain plugs to help Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! (SAH!): Where am I going to store my plug? And how am I going to remember to put it back in?

Jon Harkness and Dan Martinson, owners and inventors of the PlugDock, call themselves forgetful boaters.   “There has been a time or two when I’ve had a close call forgetting to put the plug back in.  Scrambling to find it while the boat is taking on water can make for a bad day,” said Harkness.

In many states, invasive species laws require drain plug removal when transporting boats.  The PlugDock is designed to hold a boat’s kill switch lanyard allowing boaters to attach both the lanyard and drain plug to the PlugDock while their boats are out of the water. Using this method, boaters will not be able to start their boat’s engine until the drain plug is in place and the lanyard is reattached, preventing the accidental sinking of boats.

“PlugDock is a tool every boater and angler can utilize to help Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! and save an embarrassing moment at the boat ramp,” said Pat Conzemius, Conservation Director at Wildlife Forever.  Conzemius is also pleased to announce that IdeaForm Products LLC, the company Martinson and Harkness have formed to produce PlugDocks, has recently become an official Wildlife Forever Threat Campaign corporate sponsor.

As passionate boaters and anglers, the makers of PlugDock know invasive species are a serious threat to lakes and rivers. They invented the PlugDock to provide help reducing AIS spread by solving the problems that can arise when boaters remove their drain plugs to prevent the transport of invasive species in bilge water.  Learn more or purchase a PlugDock at

Lake associations and state agencies interested in boat ramp giveaways (or other types of free distribution of PlugDocks to boaters) can place bulk orders of the PlugDock (50 min) directly from Wildlife Forever at

Image courtesy Wildlife Forever

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