Altus Releases Snow Goose Sound Sticks


These Sound Sticks are the size of a stick of gum and can be used in any Extreme Dimension Mini Phantom Digital Calls. With 8-bit sound quality producing up to 110db of volume, the Snow Goose Sound Stick has the ability draw in big groups of snows for a close-range hunting experience.

“The Extreme Dimension Sound Sticks give our customers the ability to carry multiple electronic calls without having to carry multiple call units,” Charles Ricci, executive vice president, Altus Brands LLC, said. “We have received an outcrying from our customers for the Snow Goose Sound Stick, so we have decided it’s time to bring it back and give the hunters what they want!”

The Snow Goose Sound Stick includes the following calls:

  • Snow Geese
  • Snows Feeding
  • Snow Flock
  • Snows & Blues
  • Snows & Canadas
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