Asm. Donnelly’s AB 1563 “Shall-Issue” Handgun Carry License Bill Shot Down in Committee


In a party line-vote, the California Assembly Public Safety Committee failed to pass AB 1563, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s handgun carry license reform bill.

The measure, sponsored by gun rights group California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL), would have replaced the current unconstitutional system with an entirely new, “shall-issue” framework. This framework was designed to drastically speed up license processing and help all law-abiding people exercise their constitutional rights.

“This was about fighting for the Second Amendment rights of all Californians and visitors of our great state,” explained Donnelly. “My bill would have ensured that the poorest among us had the same access to their right to bear arms as the wealthiest and most politically-connected.”

“It’s clear to us that the time has come for us to take the fight to the opponents of liberty,” said Brandon Combs, president of CAL-FFL. “No longer can our culture allow the anti-gun extremists to define the parameters of our rights. Law-abiding people are not second-class citizens and the Second Amendment is not a second-class right. Make no mistake, AB 1563 is just the beginning of a new conversation, our conversation.”

While many sheriffs, police chiefs, and the Brady Campaign opposed the bill because it removed discretion from local authorities, AB 1563 represented a monumental shift in the debate towards a Constitutionally-compliant carry license system.

Continued Donnelly, “Even in our few relatively ‘shall-issue’ counties, waiting periods to simply apply for a license can be months and issuance can take over a year. The bottom line is that a right delayed is a right denied. While I’m disappointed that my bill didn’t move forward today, I’m encouraged by the outpouring of support and remain steadfast in my commitment to fundamental Constitutional rights.”

“Battered Gun Owner Syndrome has a cure, and it’s called fighting back,” concluded Combs. “CAL-FFL again thanks Assemblyman Donnelly for his courage and leadership on this important civil rights issue.”

California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL) is California’s most tenacious and complete advocacy group for Second Amendment and related economic rights. CAL-FFL’s thousands of members include firearm dealers, training professionals, shooting ranges, collectors, consumers, and others who participate in the firearms ecosystem. CAL-FFL advances the interests of its members and the general public through direct lobbying, legal actions, education, and public outreach. Visit to join CAL-FFL.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, first elected to represent the 59th Assembly District in November 2010, has represented the 33rd Assembly District since December 2012. He is honored to represent the communities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Baker, Barstow, Big Bear City, Big Bear Lake, Big River, Crestline, Fort Irwin, Hesperia, Johnson Valley, Lake Arrowhead, Lenwood, Lucerne Valley, Needles, Phelan, Running Springs, Silver Lakes, Trona, Twentynine Palms Base, Twin Peaks and Victorville. Tim is blessed to live in the scenic San Bernardino Mountains with his wonderful wife, Rowena, five sons, and one grandson.

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