Backwoods Life Continues Partnership with Lethal Products


The Backwoods Life crew will remain scent free throughout season 10 of the popular outdoors show, Backwoods life, as they continue their partnership with Lethal Products.  When it comes to scent eliminating products Lethal is ahead of the game. Their parent company, OdoBan, has over thirty years of experience with scent eliminating technology, which puts them above of competitors. According to the OdoBan website, “We are the odor eliminating experts! In fact, we are so good at eliminating odors; we know how to make you disappear.“ These products were created by chemists and field tested by professionals in order to make them the most effective scent eliminators on the market. “Covering your scent is one of the most important aspects of hunting. I’ve harvested several mature bucks while using Lethal products. I know that I can always depend on them to provide top of the line products,” says show host Kevin Knighton. They offer a wide variety of field, laundry, and personal care scent eliminators. With everything from pre-pasted toothbrushes to dryer sheets, Lethal has got you covered. More information about Lethal products can be found at

Season 10 of Backwoods Life will kick off in the summer of 2014 on Sportsman Channel (US) and Wild TV (Canada).  More information is available on Backwoods Life at, on Facebook at, Twitter at, YouTube at and various other social networks.

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