Hornady Series Coolers Now Available by Engel USA


Hunters rely on accurate and dependable Hornady bullets and ammunition to take their game. Choosing the right cooler to protect that meat is equally important. That’s why Hornady is pleased to announce Hornady Series Coolers are now being produced by Engel USA.

Handsomely emblazoned with the Hornady logo, Hornady Series Engel Coolers epitomize quality, with roto-molded construction and two-inch insulation that provides long-lasting durability and legendary cold-keeping capability that lasts up to 10 days.

Hornady® Series Engel Coolers are available in 25, 35, 65, 80, and 123-quart models, so there is a size appropriate for every need. The full color Hornady logo is heat-sealed and burnished into the surface of the cooler to resist wear and scratching, so it will look great for years to come in the fishing boat, at the campsite or tailgate, or in the field.

Other impressive features include a silicone gasket that covers the entire lid, flush mounted latches for a tight seal, and multiple carrying and handle options. Sturdy lock holes allow you to lock or secure the cooler, providing additional peace of mind that your meat will survive the rough UTV ride out of the wilderness, or will make it home during shipping. A structurally reinforced lid handles being sat or stepped on without bending or warping.

Engel coolers have even been certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, so they’re built Hornady tough.

“Whether they’re at the range or in the field, shooters with Hornady ammo in the chamber will want one of these new Hornady Series Engel Coolers in their truck,” said Paul Kabalin, CEO of Engel USA.

Visit www.engel-usa.com to purchase a Hornady Series Engel Cooler, or locate an Engel Cooler dealer.

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