This Week on The Revolution – Youth in the Outdoors


This week Jim and Trav are exploring ways to encour­age and strengthen youth participation in hunting and fishing sports!  So tune in to hear from Larry Potterfield of Midway USA, Bryan Offutt from Under Armour,  David Holder with Outdoor Channel’s new series “Raised Hunting”, and John Annoni from Camp Compass Academy and 2 Million Bullets.

Larry Potterfield

MidwayUSA is an industry giant and a leader when it comes to giving back and supporting the industry and community.  MidwayUSA donates 50% of pre-tax profits, mostly to help fund youth shooting programs.  Plus, the MidwayUSA Foundation helps communities and organizations raise funds to support youth shooting teams and activities and they are also dedicated supporters of the National Rifle Association. Larry Potterfield, founder and CEO of MidwayUSA will join Jim and Trav this week to talk about the NRA Round-Up Program, the MidwayUSA Foundation and much more!

“Raised Hunting”

David Holder is a devoted bowhunter whose life passion has been the outdoors and beginning this summer you’ll be able to follow David and his team on the all new Outdoor Channel TV-series, “Raised Hunting“. This weeks he talks candidly about youth involvement in the outdoors and how this lifestyle helps build respect, good stewardship, better relationships and more!

Nissan Titan

A newly redesigned Nissan Titan will make its highly anticipated debut next year.  There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the next generation Titan, and for good reason.  The new Titan will be offered with an optional Cummins 5.0-liter V-8 turbo diesel.  Chief product specialist, Rich Miller talks about the next generation Titan this week and its capabilities.

Under Armour

Outfitting the next generation of hunters and anglers to ensure their outdoor experience is positive is a priority for Under Armour. Bryan Offutt is the Senior Director of Outdoor Marketing at Under Armour and he talks about new youth hunting and fishing gear for 2014.  He’ll also dish on the upcoming season of “Ridge Reaper” on Outdoor Channel.

Camp Compass Academy

John Annoni is a full time school teacher with a desire to connect kids to the outdoors.  He is doing just that through Camp Compass Academy an organization he founded to acquaint kids who have never had an opportunity to experience outdoor sports by helping them earn hunting and fishing trips with mentors.  Find out more about Camp Compass Academy this week.

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