“Gun-that-got-away Regrets?” FMG Publications’ Kakkuri Shares His, Invites Response


Most gun owners have a story or two of regret, usually the result of ridding themselves of a beloved firearm or not buying “the gun” when they had the opportunity. FMG Publications Online Editor Mark Kakkuri reveals his biggest firearm-related regrets and invites readers to share theirs in his latest exclusive feature, posted at americanhandgunner.com/exclusive-regrets.

“Convinced that a S&W 642 would easily win the practicality test, I handed over the Mauser, my K-22, and chipped in some additional cash. Not many range sessions have gone by where I haven’t wanted that K-22,” laments Kakkuri. “The 642 was a nice gun, of course, but, being so light in weight, it quickly became tedious to shoot for more than, say, 25 or 30 rounds. Sure would be nice to have that smooth, old six-shooter .22 back… What firearms do you regret letting go?”

Kakkuri also takes a look at new products, and other firearms-related topics in regular online features for FMG Publications. His latest article on gunsmagazine.com delves into the practicality of the Kahr CW380.

“Once I received the CW380 for testing, it’s less-than physical dimensions were a wonder to behold. It is downright tiny. While it doesn’t look like a toy, it’s ‘smallishness,’ relative to many other handguns, is amazing,” Kakkuri explained. “The Kahr’s trigger stroke was long but more than smooth and broke cleanly. Six times. When the round fired, the muzzle jump was more than controllable. The gun stayed in my grasp and easily came back on target for a follow-up shot. Six times.”

Visitors to both FMG websites will find several articles per week from Kakurri, who invites reader comments and feedback. To access all online content, visit americanhandgunner.com and gunsmagazine.com.

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