WILDLIFERS Release Preview to Fall Programming


The crew at WILDLIFERS is busy preparing for the fall 2014 television season. In anticipation of airing their first episode on Sportsman Channel in July, the WILDLIFERS have released a preview into what viewers can expect from future episodes.

The video features a glimpse into the production’s high quality and focus on detail. Currently, the WILDLIFERS crew is traversing the world to bring first-hand accounts of their adventures. This year’s episodes will feature trips to North and South America for big game including wolves, bear and whitetail and a “Turkey Tour de Force” across the United States.

The video can be viewed and shared online:

WILDLIFERS will air on Sportsman Channel, during prime time, Saturdays at 9:30 pm EST with additional airings on Saturday 12:30 AM EST and Thursday 10:30 AM EST, beginning August 2014!

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