Boomerang Tool Company Renews Partnership with Fishhound


Boomerang Tool Company, maker of The Snip and other innovative fishing tools announced today that they have chosen to renew their strategic partnership with, a marketing relationship that will expose the manufacturer’s unique offerings to nearly one million avid anglers.  According to Boomerang Tool Company Co-Founder Dan Cornell, the decision to continue the partnership was based on the “outstanding” results his company has experienced through Fishhound’s Product Showcase program.

“I could spend $20,000 in marketing on magazine ads, banners and sponsorships and it doesn’t guarantee one single person will ever get to experience my product, or I can supply product to Fishhound and have anglers try my product and tell all their friends about it,” said Cornell.  “Let’s face it, if they like my product, they’ll come back and buy more. With Fishhound, I can provide product instead of cash, reach my target demographic, and let the effectiveness of our tools do the talking.”

Fishhound’s Product Showcase, the website’s popular social marketing program, educates anglers about the hottest fishing and outdoor related products on the market, allowing them to make better-informed purchasing decisions.  The program makes it easy for members to obtain samples of products like The Snip, put them to the test, and weigh in on their performance.  Fishhound members interact with products, and then share their own product experiences with the Fishhound community, their Facebook friends and YouTube and Instagram followers.  These unbiased testimonials spread rapidly through social media channels, generating widespread awareness and influencing the buying decisions of a huge angling audience.

“Freshwater and saltwater fishermen are constantly looking for a high quality tool that can through braid cleanly and easily,” said Rick Patri, Fishhound’s Vice President of Operations. “The Snip cuts through braid, as well as mono and fluorocarbon, better than anything else on the market.  It also has a retractable cord that attaches to your belt loop, so it’s always handy and never gets lost.  Educating fishermen about a product that provide a direct solution to a common problem is what Fishhound is all about.”

To learn more about Fishhound, visit  For more information on the complete lineup of high quality Boomerang retractable tools, visit

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