Duck, Duck, Bull? This Week on Sportsman Channel’s “Amazing America with Sarah Palin”


Whether it’s participating for 12 hours in the world championship duck calling contest in Arkansas or running with 15,000 pounds of beef barreling down the heels of the field hosts, Amazing America with Sarah Palin brings another round of more amazing, more American, excitement this week exclusively on Sportsman Channel. With field hosts Jerry Carroll and Benny Spies helping to tell these tales, viewers will get a glimpse of what it takes to participate in the world championship of duck calling and that the celebrated “running of the bulls” isn’t just in Spain – it’s also in Texas. Tune-in to Amazing America with Sarah Palin on Sportsman Channel, Thursday, May 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Jerry Carroll is in the duck and rice capital of the United States – Stuttgart, Ark. – where duck callers from every corner of the world gather to discover the next world duck call champion. Children and adults put their skills to the test in a fun, multi-round competition. Also, if spectators find themselves in a “fowl” mood after the competition, some of the best duck cuisine in the country can be found at the festival’s Duck Gumbo Cook-off, which Carroll enthusiastically “tests” for the judges.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the duck calling competitors,” admitted Carroll. “But after seeing these folks do what they do, it’s easy to see the world duck call champion receives a well-earned title.”

Up next, Great American Bull Run participants in Houston, TX grab life by the horns, running a track with up to 20 unrelenting bulls – a dangerous and exhilarating event. Benny Spies is the lucky guy chosen to try to outrun the storming steeds. And in case Spies didn’t get beat up by the bulls, he has another chance with thousands of tomatoes being thrown at him courtesy of the notorious tomato fight at the end of the run.

“A good kick to the groin sounds much more fun than being run down by monster, angry bulls,” said Spies. “And, yes, having 1000-pound animals literally breathing down my neck gets the heart rate up, that’s for sure. Then, to follow it up with the tomato fight and I’m the guy with a camera crew – who do you think gets thumped in the head the most?  That would be me!”

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