Gregg Ritz and Huntmasters Using HuntForce to Scout Giant Whitetails


HuntForce and Gregg Ritz’s Huntmasters recently signed a partnership that makes HuntForce the official trail camera photo management software for Huntmasters’ upcoming season.

Ritz is best known for his pursuit of giant whitetails through some of North America’s most scenic landscapes. Now, his team can scout faster, smarter and more effectively with HuntForce’s trail camera photo management software. HuntForce allows hunters to quickly and easily upload their hundreds of trail camera pictures to the cloud, organize those photos into individual animal profiles and then scout their next kill.

Bowhunters Jim and Ryan White recognized that hunters lost too much time sorting photos instead of hunting. That’s how HuntForce came to be.

Huntmaster fans can sign up for a free trial at

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